BMS Gescom


BMS-Gescom, a software developed for commercial management. It was developed using a three-tier layered Client/Server technology. 

Up to 26 different warehouses and sites can be managed using it. The site’s structure has options like Main and secondary warehouse, with specific configurable transactions. For example, you can block all imports in some or all the secondary warehouses. etc …

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  • Purchase order readiness via rough draft order  
  • Purchase order entry and purchase order letter issued in english and french language 
  • Into stock entries follow-up, claims and shortcomings follow-up, automatic generation of cost prices when entering into stock.
  • Into stock entries via import and local purchase
  • Item history follow-up (its exit, regules, entries, with the documents’ and transaction dates’ references)
  • Subsequent transformation of into stock entries documents (From price inquiry till entry into stock, passing via the rough draft order and purchase order) so as to avoid multiple typings
  • Claims and shortcomings are automatically managed, by typing the invoiced quantities and those effectively delivered to the customer.

The rough draft order makes available the following information, which help in decision-making and avoid overstocking :

  1. 6 and 12 months Mobile sales
  2. Current local orders
  3. Local stock
  4. Last entry and exit date
  5. Monthly estimate to sell to-be ordered quantities


  • Spot and forward pricing
  • Cashbook (Cash journal)
  • Dashboard availability summarizing in one line per management unit, the whole of the daily and monthly transactions
  • Availability of a dashboard per product family or group of product category  following your products’ hierarchy
  • Trade statistics availability per customer and product family …
  • Lost sales
  • Stock summary
  • Consolidated monthly turnover
  • Spot and forward sales journal
  • Wide range of high value added reports
  • etc…

Stock control

  • Tracking all stock transactions and items in between two inventories
  • Stock regularization (at cost price, at selling price, inventory, breakage, casting, margin)
  • Permanent inventory (Numerous survey per weeks)
  • Placing goods in dead stock
  • Management unit can be structured hierarchically
  • Opportunity to get 24 months mobile sales

Debtors’ management

  • *Customers’ credit management and automatic freezing of the clients’ account, incase of credit period exceedance or debt accumulation, *Account freezing possibility under CEO’s permission, in case he is suspiscious about an eventual insolvency
  • Contacting customers automatically to start them
  • Customer’s engagement follow-up 
  • Ageing balance
  • Availability of debtor’s balance
  • Product booking
  • Lettering customers account at maturity
  • Debtors’ summary


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