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BMS-PAY is a program designed to manage pay, salary, wages. Designed using a three-tier layered Client/Server technology, it is entirely configurable, flexible, adaptable to several companies and different salary processings at a time. Furthermore, it can be understood that two different payroll systems can be managed in the same company ; For example, one for executives and another for employees. It meets the OHADA requirements and respects the salary based payment laws applied in Cameroun.

  • It is useful for more than 5 years now to several local companies and is submitted to the National Social Insurance Fund (CNPS), TAX control.
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Application architecture 

  • Thin-client
  • Server component (.dll)
  • SQL Server database (Stored processes, Views, Catalyst)


⇒ BMS Pay is multi-company and multi-payroll system

⇒ Payroll complete settings

⇒  Creation of employee and payslip with photo

⇒ Repeated eased processing :    • Pay incidents management

                                                            • Pay followers management

⇒ Payroll processing for temporary employees (daily)

⇒ Management of employee temporary suspension

⇒ Payroll simulation for new employees

⇒ Payroll temporary processing

⇒ Payroll final processing

⇒ Management of loan to employees

⇒ Paid leave managed automatically

⇒ Payroll organised per team, segment, department and company

⇒ Generation of monthly and annual magnetic DIPE

⇒ Payroll archiving

⇒ Payroll closing

⇒ Generation of all reports or fiscal and social statements 

⇒ Automatic attendance systems incorporation (Path to accounting*, Data export to external systems*)

⇒ Payroll editing or not set for temporary workers 

⇒ Payroll management for retirees who are no more contributing to CNPS plan 

⇒ Editing of CNPS payroll statement for leaving employees or those retiring

⇒ Very acute safety management ;

– The payroll administrator himself can be precluded from using certain functions of the program.

– Securing payroll access on the payroll-managing machine ; this means that despite the fact that you got access to the payroll, if you’re not working on the authorized machine, access to the payroll application will be denied (Granting rights to users by login, password and authorized machine)

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