BMS Production

Production management solution, which meets your needs  concerning stock control, real-time pricing, and  value-added determination for each of your manufacturing.

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⇒ Pricing establishment

⇒Determining the hourly consumption of the production plant

⇒ Defining  the standards for the manufucturing

⇒ Manufacturing takes place following three steps

⇒Automatic determination of the production objective costs

⇒Determining the value added per production

⇒ Automatic transfer of the final output in the stock

⇒ Production residue management.


  • Recording of the production type  
  • Recording of the manufacturing standards
  • Pricing recording
  • Recording of the  hourly consumption of the production workshop
  • Product efficiency coefficient (finished, semi-finished, residue…)
  • Pricing management equipped with  the start and end date for applying the pricing rate. Possibilities to activate several rates
  • Automatic determination of the manufaturing cost price
  • Manufacturing process done following three steps
  • Determination of the surplus value
  • Whole reportings
  • Production log
  • Automatic input log
  • Log of the automatic output of the inputs related to the production
  • Details on the inputs and outputs of the production
  • Production summary


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