BMS Services

BMS Services is used on sites. It checks the gap between inputs  effectively used and the original estimates. It is equipped of a tool named “Comparative control” or “Comparative regulation” which provides an overall view of the site, for, in addition, it integrates :   

  • The various additionnal transactions done on the site such as missions, transport fees, contractual works…etc, so as to provide the exact quantities delivered on time, every time, and the day-to-day gross profit just in a click.
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Solution key features 

⇒ Troubleshooting model quotation

⇒ Standard model quotation

⇒ Standard model quotation with subsection

⇒ Inverter model quotation

⇒ Inverter model quotation with subsection

⇒ Generator model quotation

⇒ Generator model quotation with  subsection

⇒ Maintenance contract record

⇒ Automatic billing of maintenace contract

⇒ Contractual device maintenance follow-up

⇒ Contract management creation

⇒ Tasks management creation

⇒ Creation of equipment rental management

⇒ Creation of warranty builder/supplier        management

⇒ Preventive visits management 

⇒ Billing scheduling for contract maintenantance

⇒ Billing without quotation 

⇒ Invoicing following cost estimate

⇒ Invoicing of equipement rental 

⇒ Invoicing of contract maintenance 

⇒ Comaparative control

⇒ Report standard

⇒ Job log

⇒ List of uncharged quotations

⇒ Service monthly close

⇒ Synchronization with BMS GESCOM


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