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Express Billing is an ERP designed for small businesses to manage express invoicing. It was developed using the latest technology (NodeJs, Bootstrap, Typescript, .Net 2015). It is a Single Page, responsive and very efficient application. It can easily be read on a mobile phone since built on a https basis.

  • The solution enables broadcast billing.
  • Smooth and rapid customers’ payments management.
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  • Number of invoices and debt-obligation invoices
  • Total number of debt-obligation invoices and invoices 
  • Monthly income
  • Monthly income by segment/service
  • Ratio of Settled/unsettled invoices
  • Ratio of Expired/Unmatured/Delayed invoices

Invoice management

  • Invoice creation
  • Data and downlaod search (xlsx, pdf, csv)
  • Invoice printing on letterhead or blank sheet of paper
  • Invoices’ approval and preview  
  • Safeguarding debt-obligation invoices

Customer management

  • Customer creation and adjustment
  • Addition and adjustment of payment terms 
  • Printing customer’s balance details
  • Printing company’s balance details
  • Availaibility of debtor’s balance 
  • Search for a customer

Users’ management

  • Users’ creation and assignment of functions
  • Users’ search and function change
  • Change password 

Customers’ settlements management

  • Lettering customer’s account
  • Search for settlements and downlaods (xlsx, pdf, csv).


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